Veterinary Services

Our experienced and caring team of vets have your pets needs at the forefront of their minds and offer help and advice to keep your pet happy and healthy. We insist on regular continuing professional development, membership of multiple veterinary organizations and journals, and hold regular practice meetings to ensure we all keep up to date with the latest thinking.

dentalWe are keen to pass on our high standards to younger prospective members of the profession and so often have work experience or veterinary students seeing practice with us.

Please let us know if you would prefer not to have a student in your consultation.

Should your pet become ill our diagnostic tools include xrays, ultrasound and blood pressure monitoring. Our in house lab offers same day results on a wide range of blood tests as well as allowing us to carry out urine analysis and microscopy.


This means that your pet’s illness can be diagnosed and treated rapidly, giving them the possible chance of a fast and full recovery. We have dedicated operating theatres for carrying out surgical procedures. Heat mats and soft bedding are used to keep animals warm during procedures, and appropriate levels of pain relief are administered where necessary.


theatreWe routinely offer pre-anaesthetic blood screens to check the health of the liver and kidneys in older patients requiring a general anaesthetic.

By doing so we can identify higher risk patients and put measures in place to make their anaesthetic as safe as possible.

Most areas of surgery are offered including soft tissue, orthopaedics and dentistry.