Rabbit Awareness Month

During the month of July we will be offering a free of charge check up with one of our experienced nurses.

The aim of Rabbit awareness month is to provide you with the best guidance to help you care for your rabbit

We are here to advise you on general husbandry, nutrition and excersies, parasite prevention and vaccination protection.



Give us  a call to book your FREE nurse check today and receive a FREE food sample

Call Oundle - 01832 273521

Call Thraspton - 01832 732632


Leptospirosis 4 Vaccination 

As part of your dog's annual booster, we vaccinate against Leptospirosis every year. In line with our aim to provide your pets with the best care we can, we have decided to change our vaccine for Leptospirosis to a product that covers a wider number of strains.

For more information on the new Leptospirosis 4 Vaccination please click here



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