Inpatient Care

If your pet is seen during opening hours and requires overnight treatment, they can be admitted into the care of our Oundle Veterinary Surgery team.

After the practice closes there is no one on the premises permanently until we re-open, however we have a Vet and Nurse team on duty to provide your pets with the care they require. Your pet will be checked by a qualified staff member at least once between 10 -11pm on weekdays and more frequently if the Veterinary Surgeon in charge feels it is necessary and at weekends. We will not admit your pet unless we feel that medical attention is likely to be required overnight, and that we are able to provide the necessary care required. Your pet will be kept in a secure kennel and kennel room, we use appropriate equipment to provide treatment where necessary, and we use a webcam to monitor patients remotely where appropriate.

Should more intensive care and 24 hour monitoring be required for your pet, or is specifically requested, referral to a specialist service can be arranged.

Almost all of our clinical team are involved in delivering our inpatient care provision and, because each of them will have also worked during the day, the duties are shared on a rota system. In this way, we aim to avoid any single member of staff becoming overburdened and exhausted. It means that should your pet become poorly and require admittance for treatment, he or she may be cared for by more than one clinician.

At all times, the needs of your pet remain paramount. As well as maintaining thorough computerised records and daily hospital charts for reference, our surgeons will also discuss individual cases with each other. Treatment options and possible outcomes will be considered, opinions sought, and your pet will benefit from the intellectual input of many years of combined experience.

We will telephone you between 8.30am and 10am the following morning to update you on your pets condition, and discuss the ongoing care requirements or discharge and home care instructions where appropriate.

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