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Introducing the SPECIFIC Pet Range

At the Oundle and Thrapston Veterinary Surgeries we are constantly looking for ways to improve your pet's care. We're delighted to bring you news of a new superb quality and very cost-effective science-based food range that is now available from us. Click here to learn more.

The SPECIFIC Diet range has been developed and used in continental europe for the past 35 years and is one of Europe's top-selling, veterinary recommended diets. It has a proven track record. Our vets, nurse and reception staff have undertaken specialised nutrition training to enable them to recommend the food most suited to your pet. The combination of the quality, well evidenced scientific formulation and great value offered by the Dechra SPECIFIC range means that we have made it our first line choide when recommending a diet. However if we feel that another forumlation not offered within the SPECIFC range is more suitablefor your particular pet we will of course advise you accordingly.

To learn about the specific diets available click here.


The SPECIFIC Diet range is split into 2 cateogories:

  1. Life stage diets - used in healthy animals from weaning onwards. For more information on life stge diets click here

  2. Therapeutic Diets - recommended by Veterinary surgeons for specific medical conditions incuding:
    • Gastrointestinal problems
    • Allergies
    • Kidney and heart disease
    • Endocrine disorders
    • Weight management
    • Osteoarthritis
    • Urinary tract disease

 To learn more about therapeutic diets click on each of the conditions above.

SPECIFIC Personalised Food Assessment

To receive your own personalised nutritional assessment simply fill in our online  questionnaire by clicking here

Why feed SPECIFIC to your pet?

  1. Our recipe is different. Fish oil is the key to:
    • A strong immune system
    • Develope the brain and vision
    • Health and mobility in joints
    • A health kidney function
  2. Fixed formula using high quality ingredients from fixed suppliers
  3. High digestibility and palatability
  4. Taste guarantee
    • If your dog or cat isn't happy with the taste, we help you find an alternative SPECIFIC food or give you your money back
  5. NO synthetic dyes or flavouring agents added
  6. Healthy skin and coat
    • High leves of omega-3 fatty acids for a beneficial effect on the maintenance of skin and coat.
  7. Helps reduce stools
    • Highly digestible ingredients of high quality to reduce stools.
  8. Great client loyalty schemes - click here for more information
    • Dogs buy 3 12-14kg bags and get 1 free
    • Dogs and Cats buy 9 2.5kg bags and get 1 free

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