Getting a new puppy

Are You Thinking Of Getting A New Puppy??

There is no doubt that bringing a new puppy into your home is a joyous occasion, the anticipation of which appears to generate excitement from adults and children in equal measure.

Questions abound; what size, sex, and breed shall we get? Where will it sleep? Who will take it for walks? What shall we call it?

Sometimes the excitement of acquiring the puppy can distract from the practicalities of dog ownership and the reality of a long term commitment to providing for your pets physical and emotional well being.  

Have you thought about how much it costs to keep a dog? How to go about training it? What if your puppy has fleas or worms?  Is it a good idea to get pet insurance? Are there are particular health issues associated with the breed you are interested in? What if your puppy develops a behavioural problem?

Whether you have already made your decision or are just beginning to think about bringing a dog into your home, you may have lots of questions. If you would like advice on any aspect of dog ownership before you get your dog, please book a free appointment with one of our nurses. We would be delighted to offer any help we can at this exciting time.

We hope that your new puppy will grow into a happy, healthy adult dog that will be a companion to you for many years to come.

Here is a video produced by the Kennel Club with infomation on how to choose your puppy.