Frequently Asked Questions
This service operates from our Oundle surgery but is available for all clients registered at our Oundle, Thrapston or Corby branches.

Available 24/7 on 01832 273521

What happens if i need help out of hours?

As an independent veterinary practice we are proud to support our clients with an out of hour's emergency service that is provided by our own team of vets and nurses. 

This means that on everynight of the week, every week of the year there is a duty vet available for you to talk to should you find yourself dealing with an urgent or emergency situation. 

Where necessary the vet will arrange to meet you at our Oundle surgery for assessment and treatment and, if warranted, further assistance will be provided by the duty nurse. 

Who will look after my pet?

Almost all of our clinical team are involved in delivering out of hours provision and, because each of them will also have worked during the day of their night or weekend "on call", the duties are shared on a rota system. In this way, we aim to avoid any single member of staff becoming overburdened and exhausted. It means that should your pet become poorly and require admittance for treatment, he or she may be cared for by more than one clinician. 

Will the veterinary team know my pet's history?

At all times, the needs of your pet remain paramount. As well as maintaining thorough computerised records and daily hospital charts for reference, our vets will also discuss individual cases with each other. Treatment options and possible outcomes will be considered, opinions sought, and your pet will benefit from the intellectual input of many years of combined experience. 

We do not out-source your pet's after-hours care. The veterinary staff that you meet during the day will be the same team that work in the evening or during the night to provide on-going, high quality care for your pet. 

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