About the Apache Locks (lox)

Apache Locks are a way to improve this site's security. When set, no person can access parts of the website where a lock is set without a 'server'  login. 

Why Apache?

Apache is the name of the software which sends the web pages to a person's web browser.

Why this lock?

Joomla itself is quite robust however as software ages and in particular, within Joomla are parts that are added-in so they may not have the same security provision and updates as the core system, Also, even fresh newly installed software can have potential exploits for hackers. 

The Apache Lock is a safety check, it's much more secure than a website itself. For instance, in this case if one forgets or misstypes a login more than five times then one is blocked from the whole site. So be careful when entering your information.

Since a large part of the code powering this website is within the administrators area, an Apache Lock here means the site is much more secure. It does not mean it can not be hacked but reduces the possibilities greatly.

HINT: NEVER use the same login for Apache as you use for your normal Joomla login, it's somewhat defeats the point of having a double lock. 

HINT: Never store your login inside your email client, it's not recommended to save it on your computer either!  It's better to create a login that's easy FOR YOU to remember and don't write it down. 

HINT: Logins should be at least eight (8) characters long using letters and numbers AND a non-alphabetical character like a "% ir @ or ( ". Symbols in passwords make it much more difficult for hackers.

HINT: Examples of bad passwords are things like "1234", "letmein", "123MyPassword"

HINT: An example of a better password is something like "773GsBcY!~Y"

HINT: A car numberplate is often a good basis for a password.

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